Your Year-Long Journey to Owning Your Feminine Power and Manifest Your Dream Life!

WOMANIFEST is a transformational program designed to raise your mindset, your vibrations, your lifestyle, to how you walk, think, and receive in your Feminine power while creating boundaries from the people, habits, and thoughts, no longer aligned with this Higher You.

Month 1: Selfish Era Kickoff

  • Get ready to put YOU first! Dive into energizing workouts and delicious dietary changes to kickstart your wellness journey.

  • Detox your mind and body while elevating your appearance to boost that self-esteem sky high!

  • Daily LIVE guided visualization meditations to quantum leap into your dream reality!

  • Journaling adventures filled with specific exercises and guided thoughts to bring your vision board to life!

Month 2:Own Your Feminine Prowess

  • Identifying and dismantling limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, and step into your power of self-awareness , Self Acceptance & Accountability.

  • Dance, move, meditate, and journal your way to empowerment and self-discovery!

  • Learn the art of setting boundaries, cultivating discernment, and prioritizing yourself above all else.

  • Dive deep into shadow work, affirmations, and mirror work to ignite your feminine power!

The above structure is to show what we will be focused on the first two months. The program will roll out monthly to Womanifest members.

Get ready to embrace your selfish era and prioritize your wellness and dreams the way you’ve always wanted and deserved to! With **WOMANIFEST**, it's all about YOU, and together, we'll make your vision board come to life in the most exciting and empowering way possible! This journey is going to be fun, exhilarating, and absolutely life-changing! 🌟✨