"I just want to share a healthier holistic way of living so women and their pumpums can be happier "

Maat Petrova, a Brooklynite born to Trini parents, has created quite a sensation about herself and her Brand FEMMAGIC since launching in 2016

Enduring a childhood, wrought with domestic violence, poverty, and sexual a, who knew it would be the catalyst to the work she does today.

As a teenager on a quest for peace from depression, Màat became vegan, cut out her perm, grew lox, while studying metaphysical spirituality and embodying a holistic lifestyle. Becoming a young single mother, miss badass only used this as fuel to empower women at the age of 20 with female emcee showcases and to complete her undergraduate degree.

In 2014 Màat graduated with her Masters in Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis on Child Sexual Abuse increasing her ability to better serve her supporters as CEO of FEMMAGIC. 

FEMMAGIC epitomizes a holistic approach to women’s health, focused on sexual wellness, psycho-emotional balance, spirituality and physical health. FEMMAGIC offers organic feminine care product alternatives to toxic products, FEMMM Goddess events including yoga, sensual dance, lectures about manifesting your best life and feminine health in addition to life transformation seven to ninety day programs.

Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia with her 3 beautiful daughters Màat has over 20 years of dedication to holistic wellness and is passionate about helping women harness their feminine magic.